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- Ashtanga Yoga.

Within the traditional Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois there is a system of authorization and certification of teachers. This accreditations of teachers in Ashtanga Yoga can only be given by KPJYAI in Mysore. In order to recieve authorization to teach one should have been dedicated to ones practice for many years. One should have repeatedly studied with Guruji and/or Sharath and reached a level in ones practice where they think it is appropriate to start teaching. 

To maintain ones authorization it is necessary to continue to go to Mysore to deepen your practice regularly. Today there is approximately one hundred fifty authorized teachers in the world and thirty assigned to the higher level of certification. 

Yogashala Stockholms Lisa Lalér is authorized level 2 by KPJAYI. 

We also have two certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher who regularly holds workshops with us, Dena Kingsberg (Australia) and Peter Sanson (New Zealand).

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Yogashala Stockholm

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