Yoga for body and soul
- they simply belong together

Yoga can act as pure physical exercise but for those who wish, there is much more to discover. Most people that try notice immediately that there are more dimensions of yoga.

The tradition of yoga is a whole philosophical view and more about mental and spiritual practice than physical strenght or flexibility. On the yoga mat you get to know yourself better, meet yourself more honestly. 

As we are in life, we are on our yoga mat. Those qualities that are strong with us will be our biggest assets or/and challenges when we practice yoga. Some are impatient, become frustrated with movements they can't handle and push themselves too hard. Others are afraid, others are tired and have difficulty coping with the effort that it takes to practice. 

After a while, all such patterns becomes obvious, and anyone who wants to can learn a lot from it. One sees oneself - and works with oneself both physically and mentally. Body and soul simply belong together. The physically demanding form means that the body is challenged - while you have to stay focused on what you do. In this way, it is a mental exercise, which requires the presence right here and now. It's also experiences you can take with you in everyday life.

The word Ashtanga means eight branches in Sanskrit. Eight parts that constitutes a yogic practice. One of the   foundational texts of yoga is Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, that describes what yoga is - both practically and philosophically. Simply put, one can say that the goal of yoga is to quieten the activities of the mind, and reach a conscious, peaceful state in ourselves. In Sanskrit, this is known as Samadhi. 

The Yoga Sutras speak of an eightfolded path to reach Samadhi, where the physical positions, or asanas, are only one branch. More over Patanjali speaks of Yamas and Niyamas, our attitudes towards others and ourselves, about breathing and deeper forms of concentration and meditation. Each branch consists of different principles and tools for us to study. There are various forms of yoga that emphazises different branches. 

Physically you can notice fairly quickly that yoga makes the body strong, flexible and more balanced. One can also feel a bit taller since the posture often improves from the practice.

There are movements for all parts of the body and all organs. The idea is to cleanse and release toxins that you sweat out. The exercise also increases blood circulation and oxygen levels in the blood. The immune system and general health also seems to be improved.

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