Yoga moon-days
full moon and new moon

Both the full moon and new moon (when the moon's disk is black) is traditionally practice-free days in Ashtanga Yoga and rest is recommended from yoga practice these days.

We follow the Swedish moon calendar.

We have chosen to have classes these days but recommend that you try to be concious of the moon and that you practice calmly if you choose to practice on moon days. 

For those of you who regularly practices 5-6 days a week it might be nice to let your body get rest during the full moon and new moon.

Like anything in nature that contains a lot of water (the human body consists of approximately 70% water) we are affected by the phases of the moon. Lunar phases are determined by its position relative to the sun. 

The full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in opposition and the new moon when they are in conjunction. The sun and the moon affects the Earth's gravity.

The relationship between the sun, moon and earth and its position also affects our energy and can be compared with our breathing cycle.

Full Moon energy corresponds to the end of inhalation when the Prana (life force) is strongest.

This is an expansive, upward force that can make us feel energetic and excited - but not so grounded.

The energy of new moon corresponds to the end of exhalation, when the force of Apana is greatest. Apana is a contracting, downward force that can make us feel calm and founded but also heavy and with a sense of resistance in the physical body.

Photo: Joaquim Homrighausen

When practicing yoga över time, one becomes more sensitive to your body's natural signals, and cycles. To observe the full moon and new moon are a way to recognize and honor the rhythms of nature so that we can better live in greater harmony with it.

The following dates are  full moon in 2014:
January 16
February 15
March 16
April 15
May 14
June 13
July 12
August 10
September 9
October 8
November 6
December 6

The following dates are black moon in 2014:
January 1
January 30
March 1
March 30
on April 29
May 28
June 27
July 27
August 25
September 24
October 23
November 22
December 23

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