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Class description of our drop-in schedule and courses.

Please come to class ten minutes before hand to be sure to get a spot, and to have time to unwind a little. Drop-in is subject to availability, we write out the courses where there are no seats left.

Class description for our drop-in classes

Ashtanga Yoga Led Primary
Led Primary means that the class is led through the entire primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. The teacher counts the vinyasa in sanskrit- how to synchronize breathing and movement, and how to get in and out of every posture. 

The pace is quite high and the focus lies on the flow of movement through out the sequence. The purpose of the class is to learn the order of the movements, and correct vinyasa. 

It is not required that you practice the full primary series to attend the class, you do as far as you have been introduced and then you can watch and join again for backbendings and finishing poses. You should have been introduced to sun salutations and the standing postures as well as the breathing technique we use in Ashtanga Yoga. 


Ashtanga Yoga Mysore for beginners
A class that suits you who have had an introductory weekend or a basic course with us.

Here you who want to learn how to practice mysorestyle gets help to calmly learn the order of the movements through sun salutations, standing and the first sitting postures in Ashtanga yoga's first series, Yoga Chikitsa.

Mysore is a city in southern India which Ashtangayogans tradition comes from. When practicing mysorestyle, you do the movements on your own, at your own pace and receive individual help and adjustments where you need the teacher. All levels are of course welcome in this class, but the teacher will add extra time to the students who are beginners.

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style
Mysore is the city in southern India where Ashtanga Yoga originated. This is the traditional form of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Mysore style means that the class is not led, but each student practice at their own pace while the teacher gives individual adjustments and corrections as needed. 

If you have trouble remembering the sequence the teacher will help you. Our mysore style classes suit all levels. 



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