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How it works with us at Yogashala Stockholm

Before yoga class:

1. During yoga class it is hot in the room and you often sweat a lot. It's best to shower before yoga, for everyone's comfort. We have a shower at the shala. If you don't have time it is good to at least wash up feet and armpits. According to tradition, however, you need not take a shower after yoga. Sweat contains essential minerals and salts that will be good for the body to let go into the skin again.

2. Be sure to have clean clothes every time you practice.

3. You will need a yoga mat. Bring your own or rent one with us for 20 kr. Your mat also needs to be washed regularly.

4. Do not smoke before class. The odor can be disturbing for both those who practice beside you and for the teacher in the room.

5. Try not to eat any large meal a few hours before the yoga class. Don't drink 30 minutes before and during yoga class.  


In the yoga shala:

1. Try to keep down the volume outside the shala.

2. Turn off your mobile phone.

3. Always lay your cards visibly in the back corner of your carpet.

4. Practice is done at your own risk. If you are injured or go on treatment , we want you notify the teacher.

5. Pregnant women should always go to yoga for pregnant women.


1. We can not be responsible for personal belongings. Bring your valuables and put them in the window inside the shala.

2. Annual pass, short term and monthly passes are personal.

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